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Primary care doctors take the time to know their patients so they can provide truly individualized and comprehensive health care. Dr. Tariq Khan at Orange County Concierge Doctor proudly serves as a primary care doctor for people of all ages, whether you need general medical care, a physical, or you just need some medical advice. If you have any questions, call his office in Tustin, California, or schedule an appointment online. Same-day and next-day appointments are usually available.

Primary Care Doctor Q & A

What is a primary care doctor?

A primary care physician (PCP) diagnoses and treats the full range of health conditions in patients of all ages. As your primary care doctor, Dr. Khan is the first person to contact for all your health care needs. Dr. Kahn believes in the importance of developing long-term relationships, so he knows your health history and can provide consistent care.

Why do you need a primary care physician?

A primary care physician like Dr. Khan gives you a person to call and a place to go when you have a health problem. Without a PCP, you may end up going to the emergency department, which costs more and takes longer.

In today’s medical world, you need a primary care physician to serve as your advocate and make sure you have access to all the services you may need in the community. Health insurance companies also require you to name a PCP.

One of the most important reasons to have a PCP is this: It helps you stay healthy as you age. Dr. Khan focuses on preventive medicine and finding early signs of chronic disease like hypertension and high cholesterol. Your chances of staying well increase when you get regular checkups from your PCP.

What services are available from primary care?

Dr. Khan is available to help whether you simply have a question, need a routine examination, feel sick, or you need ongoing care for a chronic health condition. He provides general medical care for everyone, from infants to older adults, and offers a complimentary one-hour consultation for new patients.

When Dr. Khan is your primary care physician, you have access to diverse services including:

  1. Urgent care
  2. Weight loss
  3. Sports and camp physicals
  4. Executive physicals
  5. Low testosterone in men
  6. Hormone replacement therapy
  7. Pap test
  8. Screening for sexually transmitted diseases
  9. Cosmetic procedures including body contouring, Botox®, and laser hair removal

Concierge membership is offered to individuals and families, with discounts available if you want to enroll your entire family. Membership includes six office visits a year at no charge, up to two house calls a year, and the office fee is waived if you receive a cosmetic service.

Please don’t hesitate to call Dr.Khan any time you have a question or need attention for a medical concern. Whether he’s already your primary care doctor, or you’re searching for one, he’s available to help.


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